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The Top Gifts For 4/20 That Aren't Just Weed

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4/20 is just around the corner, and after the year we just left behind - we all need the best 4/20 we’ve ever had. 

First though, do you know why we celebrate 4/20? There are plenty of theories, but the most plausible one surrounds five teenagers at San Rafael High School in Marin County, California in the 1970s. The young friend group called themselves “The Waldos” and they’d often meet and consume cannabis together after school. They’d meet every day at the same time, 4:20 PM, near a statue of Louis Pasteur, a scientist. 

4:20 was the ideal time because the teens were unsupervised. They were out of school, but their parents weren’t home from work yet. The time 4:20 became a code for them to use in front of their parents, and the idea of utilizing 4/20 as a weed-friendly holiday grew from there. 

On this one-of-a-kind, socially distanced 4/20, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts to give your friends. 

Girl with dark hair and a sunflower in her hair and around her wearing a white tank top and blue jean shorts smoking a clear glass bong outside on a beautiful sunny 4/20 day


This is a one-of-a-kind gift. Let’s be real - bowls are hard to clean. The holes are small, tar is thick, and not to mention it’s made of glass and will break if you drop it right. 

This bowl is magnetic, so you can split it in two and easily clean or ash it. It has a wider airflow hole than traditional bowls, so you can snap the bowl easier and inhale fuller hits. It is also made of an air grade aluminum, so if you do drop it, we think you’ll be alright. 

Magnetic bowl piece by Bowlz

Universal Cleaning Plugs

VITAE’s cleaning plugs are the 420-approved gift for the stoner who’s got it all. The plugs are designed to tightly seal your glass as you transport, clean, and store it to prevent damage and debris inside the bong. 

Have you ever cleaned a bong? It’s not exactly the most convenient task. It’s hard to agitate the cleaning solution enough without spraying it all over the place - we can thank the giant openings in the glass for that! Thankfully, the plugs are simple to use and look great whether you’re cleaning the piece or not. When you aren’t cleaning the glass, you can just keep the plugs on all the time to keep out dust mites. They are sourced from sustainably-harvested cork, making them an aesthetically-pleasing and eco-friendly solution. Bonus: your bong stays free from dirt, debris, and other irritants! At $5.99 a piece, that’s a 4/20 gift win. 

Universal bong cork cleaning plugs

4/20 Stickers

Stickers aren’t just for kids! Pop over to Etsy, grab a few stickers for your friends, and support a small online business. You’ll find tons of shops offering hand drawn, 4/20, and other cannabis-related stickers! If you’ve never used Etsy before, it’s a great place to support small business owners because Etsy does a great job of vetting the best stores. Customers can leave reviews and see other important information about the shop, so you can typically trust a well-reviewed store on the platform! You can also see how many items they’ve sold and get an understanding of how long the store has been around. 

Esty Desert thieves bong stickers

This female-owned Etsy shop has plenty of creative and fun 4/20 related stickers to choose from, it’s called Desert Thieves and they’ve made nearly 4,000 sales at the time of writing this. There are plenty of gender-neutral sticker options, so it’s a great gift for anyone. She also carries prints and wristlets, not necessarily 4/20 related!


Build Your Own Bong

Build your own bong by VITAE Glass

Yup. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A customizable bong! Super cool, unique, and guaranteed to make any smoker in your life feel loved on 4/20. VITAE’s custom bongs are modular, so made with removable parts instead of one big piece of fixed glass. This way, you can reach every hidden nook and cranny, and they’re able to be cleaned 3x faster than traditional bongs. Plus, the interchangeable parts make room for more customization options. 

Beyond that, building your own bong gives you everything you want and nothing you don’t. You don’t get a say when it comes to traditional bongs, what you get is what you get. Customizing your bongs allows you to choose which base is comfortable for your lifestyle, the mouthpieces that will best suit your preferences, and the right connecting pieces, too. All of our glass pieces are made with non-porous material, so no matter what your piece will remain clear and beautiful throughout its lifetime! Non-porous glass doesn’t hold as many odors or residues either, so it’s a great partner with the cleaning caps and plugs to reduce lingering smells. 

Wooden pipe on top of  cannabis fan leaves  in front of cannabis infused tea as a 4/20 gift in 2021

CBD Dark Chocolate

People don’t usually think about CBD when they think 4/20, it’s definitely a stoner’s holiday. But, CBD is just as important as THC, and the CBD industry supports millions and millions of health and wellness journeys. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, just like THC and other cannabinoids do. The endocannabinoid system is a bodily system full of receptors, specifically called CB1 and CB2 receptors, made to receive cannabinoids like THC. 

Since CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system too and hemp is a very close cousin of high-THC cannabis, we definitely feel it’s 4/20 approved. If you’re celebrating 4/20 but have a friend abstaining from THC, gift them with a CBD-infused dark chocolate bar! This one from Green Roads is vegan and the CBD is sourced from American-farmed hemp, packed with 180 total milligrams of CBD. Remember, hemp-derived CBD won’t get you high - so it’s a great way for non-THC consumers to celebrate 4/20, too. Hemp-derived CBD is thought to reduce stress, improve sleep, and promote a sustained wellbeing. 

Puff Cards

Puff Cards are greeting cards with a twist, a pre-rolled twist that is! All bad jokes aside, they’re a great gift for 4/20. Puff Cards provide you with a joint sleeve, casing, and fitted cannabis-themed greeting card to hold the joint. You pick a joint of your choice (not from Puff Cards) and choose between a rose petal or king palm sleeve to hold it. The company also offers hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls if you want to keep it simple and buy everything in one place! 

Puff Cards has plenty of creative and fun greeting card options, so they aren’t just great for 4/20 but any occasion. You’ll need to pack the card yourself, but it’s really easy and the website shows you exactly how to do it. 

Choose between a rose petal pre-rolled cone, a king palm roll, or a hemp-derived CBD roll. Then, choose between a congratulations, thank you, love, thinking of you, friendship, just because, or various holiday-themed cards. 

A pre-rolled 1 gram cannabis joint in front of a wooden bowl of large weed flower nugs with a pink flower in front of it all on top of a white table on 4/20

Hide That Pot Smell Candle

For some reason, our gift ideas have been gravitating towards low-odor gift solutions. We’re not sure why, but nobody’s complaining. Cannabis enthusiasts love the smell of weed, but it’s not always practical to fill your house with it! This soy candle takes care of that and has a delicious mint chocolate chip scent. It’s named “Hide That Pot Smell”, so there’s no chance of grabbing the wrong scent by mistake. Bonus, it’s also available on Etsy, so you’re supporting small businesses yet again. 

While we’re talking low-odor, VITAE carries a few different filters that aim to reduce odor, too, for any 4/20 recipient aiming to cut down on smell! 

Do you know why cannabis smells? It’s because of a compound called terpenes. Like cannabinoids, terpenes are found in the cannabis plant. Terpenes are also found in other aromatic herbs and plants, like lavender, basil, rosemary, black pepper, and more. You’ll find terpenes housed in trichomes, which are the frosty bits you see on cannabis flower! Have you ever noticed frosty flower is usually really powerful? The terpenes play a huge part in that, as well as the high-THC content found in trichomes. 

So, all in all, smelly cannabis is a great thing - but it’s not always ideal! 

From all of us at VITAE Glass, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe 4/20. Keep up with what we're doing and sign up for our emails here.

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