What's in bong water and is it drinkable?

What's in bong water and is it drinkable?

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Bong water has a mysterious allure to the uninitiated, but what is actually in it? Is drinking bong water even possible? Can you get high from drinking bong water? What would happen if you drink it? Let's find out.

 Bong Water

What is bong water? What substances are left inside of it after you smoke?

Bong water is the liquid that collects in the bottom of bongs and other smoking devices after they are used. It contains many substances, including ash, plant matter, smoke particles, tar, resin, and potentially even dangerous pathogens like bacteria, fungi, and mold. Bong water typically has a foul smell and an unpleasant taste due to these substances. It is unlikely that you will find a pleasant experience from drinking it, unless your taste buds have gone haywire.


As you smoke weed from a bong, chemicals such as THC and CBD are released and very low concentrations might end up in the bong water. However, this does not mean you will experience the psychoactive effects of these chemicals, such as getting high, from drinking the bong water. Here's why.

 Clean and dirty bong

What happens if you drink bong water? Can you get high from it?

Word on the streets says that drinking the bong water after smoking from it can get you high because there can still be THC and CBD molecules present in the water. Although this sounds like it should work in theory, it's almost impossible to execute.


THC and CBD are both almost entirely insoluble in water. THC, for example, is soluble at a rate of no more than 2 micrograms per milliliter of water. Most adults need around 5 milligrams of THC in order to get high, and doing the math (and assuming all conditions go your way), this would still require you to drink at least 2.5 litres of bong water in order to achieve any psychoactive effects. By the time you get to that amount, all the ash, smoke particles, tar, resin, harmful bacteria, fungi, and mold would probably have made you more sick than high. It's not a great trade-off.

 Drinking bong water

What are the potential consequences of drinking bong water?

Human beings are curious creatures and often times our curiosity can become an extremely dangerous health hazard. We're glad you chose to google for an answer first, because drinking bong water is definitely not recommended!


The substances in bong water can cause serious illnesses and infections such as bronchitis, lung infections, sinus infections, gastrointestinal problems, and various other ailments. Bong water also contains carcinogens that can lead to cancer. Not to mention, drinking bong water is extremely unpleasant - it tastes bad and has an unpleasant rancid smell. If you suspect your underage brother wants to steal your bong water to get high, empty your bong every night. He will likely experience some intense vomiting and nausea if he decides to go through with drinking bong water.


Can I water my plants with the bong water then?

That's also a bad idea. Bong water is not safe to use on plants because of the high levels of toxins it contains. These toxins can easily infect your plants and cause them a lot of harm, so it's best to stick to drinking safe, filtered tap or bottled water for watering your plants.


How should I dispose of bong water after smoking?

The best way to dispose of bong water is by pouring it down a sink or toilet. Don't pour it onto the ground, as this can leech toxins into the environment and cause harm to local wildlife.


Why you should keep your bong clean

Clean bong

Not only does a dirty bong make for an unpleasant experience, but it can also pose health risks if you don't keep it clean. The unhygienic substances present in bong water can damage your lungs, cause illnesses, infections, and even cancers if left uncleaned for a long time.


In order to keep your bong clean and hygienic, it is essential to empty the bong water after each use and thoroughly rinse the bong with hot soapy water or a specialized cleaner. If possible, you should also disinfect the bong regularly with rubbing alcohol or bleach in order to prevent any harmful bacteria or mold from growing inside of it.


Keeping a clean bong can also help you to extend its lifespan and avoid any bacterial or mold buildup. Be sure to empty, rinse, and dry your bong after every use to keep it in pristine condition.

Get the easiest bong to clean on the market

Modular bong

Unlike your traditional bongs which are tricky to clean especially around the areas the hand can't reach, newer modular bongs can be taken apart into multiple pieces for easy cleaning and storage. This makes it much easier to get in between all the crevices and remove all the residues without having to resort to using harsh chemicals or scrub brushes. Even tall bongs with complicated shapes can be extremely easy to clean.

With an industry first cleaning caps and plugs, these modular bongs from Vitae Glass make cleaning 3-5 times faster. Try it for yourself and see the difference. You won’t go back to traditional bongs after this. 

Bong cleaning

 Build a bong

Want to try a modular bong for its ease of cleaning? The best version of it is just one click away. Made from non-porous laboratory-grade Borosilicate glass that will not absorb odors or chemical residues, Vitae Glass’s wide collection of build-a-bongs takes no effort to clean and offers unbelievably smooth hits that will elevate your entire smoking experience.


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