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Top 5 Smoking Accessories for Bongs

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The holiday season is near, and that means plenty of parties and festivals coming up! We want you to be prepared, so we have rounded up 5 accessories that we feel are bound to bring your smoking experience this coming festive season up a notch. 


Caliva - One of the finest growers in the West Coast

Can’t have a proper session without some good dank, right?  

California is well into its 3rd year of recreational marijuana legalization and since then it’s slowly taking over Amsterdam as the place to go for top grade cannabis. Finely grown flowers aplenty but look no further, Caliva is our pick of the bunch.  

Caliva Sour Diesel | VITAE Glass Caliva Venom OG | VITAE Glass

Strains for days. Image Source:

Their website boasts an array of in-house grows as well as partnering brands like Fun UncleAbsoluteXtracts and Sunday Goods just to name a few. The best part is that they provide same-day delivery (throughout San Fransisco Bay Area) right to your doorstep.

Do you know what else makes them stand out? Jay-Z is a partner of the company too. 99 problems but getting premium-quality cannabis ain’t one!  

Smoke equipment 

VITAE Glass - Premium Modular Glass

VITAE (vi-tie) Glass mixes old school with new school by making quality glass bongs you can dismantle! This modular concept not only allows you to build-your-own-bong with various module options available, but the fact that it is detachable makes it travel-friendly and pretty much a breeze to clean & store. 

Featuring The Ship, it is a combination of VITAE Glass’s signature Flagship base and Hourglass mouthpiece. Percolation starts as soon as you inhale, bubbling through an inlindownstem followed by a honeycomb disc finish. A smooth hit ensues.

Connector Rings | VITAE Glass

It is also hard to take your eyes off the unique connector rings that come in 4 beautiful wooden accents: Bamboo, Walnut, Oliveand Zebrawood. No matter which type of wood you decide to pair your bong with, they double up nicely as modern distinctive home décor too. 

Modern Display | VITAE Glass Modern display | VITAE Glass

Behind these beautiful glass pieces is also a socially conscious company that pledges for a great cause: In collaboration with, the company plants a tree for every glass module purchased. 

Smoke a treeplant a treeWay to change up the glass game! 

Bong Water 

Toke TonicLuxury Bong Water 

As the cannabis market expands legally, the standard of products that consumers look for is going to be higher as well… pun intended. That includes the type of water we use for our bong smokes.

Now we have probably heard of fruit-infused (some have experimented with food and tbh those ones didn’t look too pleasant to smoke off from) bong water, but what about terpene-infused bong water? 

Terpene is essentially a compound found in every plant. With the cannabis plant, terpenes help your body absorb more THC at a faster rate. However, when smoking cannabis through a bong, combustion is involved and a lot of terpenes on the plant get wasted away in the process.

Toke Tonic luxury bong water | VITAE Glass

One 20oz bottle of Toke Tonic can absorb the ash and tar of about 14 grams of average quality plant.

Toke Tonic answers to this unavoidable issue by introducing a terpene-infused luxury bong water that aims to replenish the terpenes that were destroyed when lighting up a bowl. Simply put it, you get more concentrated hits! 

Not only does Toke Tonic enhance the flavour and efficiency of your smokes, they are also designed to lower resin build-up in your glass thus your favourite bongs remain cleaner for a longer time. 

Minor cleaning 

Poke a bowl - Clean your ash hole!


Poke A bowl | VITAE Glass

Image Source

This product is so simple yet so effective, it is essential for cannabis users of all occasions. Fundamentally, Poke A Bowl is an ashtray with a cleaning spike to clear out ash/leftovers in your bowl, pipes, one-hittersetc. 

The cleaning spike is the thinnest on the market, made out of sturdy and heat resistant silicone. This lightweight device also comes with a dome-shaped lid, making it smell proof and ultra-portable.

With such a quirky tagline like “Clean Your Ash Hole”, it is difficult not to like this company & their product! 

Major clean up 

Formula420 - Advanced Cleaning technology 


Formula 420 Glass Cleaner | VITAE Glass

Range of cleaning products for your glass. Image Source 

20 years into the business. That itself speaks volumes about this reputable cleaning product formulated to clean out all the stubborn dirt in your glass bong, keeping your favorite pieces sparkling clean with the least amount of effort. No scrubbing, no soaking involved. Just fill up your glass, shake & rinse. Easy. 

Whether you are a regular glass bong user or a serious glass collector, Formula420 offers a solution to your cleaning needs. It almost feels like bringing your daily driver for a good car wash! 

Keeping your glass bong clean not only looks nicer but it also greatly reduces germ build-up and gives you a cleaner, more flavorful hit every time. It is definitely a worthy investment considering the amount of hassle you save as compared to using salts & iso.

Kudos to Formula420 for making every true cannabis connoisseur’s life easier! 

Of course, there are many other great alternatives out there, these are just some of our top 5 picks that we recommend for the modern smoker. Have you used any of these yourself or have other suggestions that we missed, let us know so we can share it in our next blog.

Looking for a smoother, durable, and healthier bong? VITAE Glass is perfect for you. It is designed especially for daily and busy smokers.

VITAE Glass Build a bong

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